What’s That Fish?

‘What’s that awesome-looking fish at the top of this page?’ you might wonder.

This one, I mean:

It’s a scaly dragonfish, that’s what. Stomias boa, if you’re interested in its scientific name. A small (c. 30cm / 1ft) and fairly common predator of deepish water.

Read on for a cool little video of the critter …

That’s what it’s supposed to be, anyway. Not in fact a terribly accurate depiction, if that really is the animal they were going for – but it’s a very old drawing, so I guess we cut them some slack.

Super fierce-looking in that drawing, but in life, as this cool video from the NOAA Okeanos Explorer Program shows, much more beautiful than fierce:

Here it is at the Encyclopedia of Life (under it’s other name, the boa dragonfish).

I’ll probably change the header image at some point, just for the sake of variety. But for now, that’s it. Stomias boa.

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