Greenland Shark : The Shark in Darkness

Where better to start The Wild Episode than with a shark? Specifically, the Greenland Shark. Somniosus microcephalus.

One of the least well known, and most mysterious, top predators in the world. An enormous Arctic shark that lives longer than any other vertebrate, eats almost anything, and loses its sight because its eyes get eaten …


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What Is The Wild Episode And When’s It Coming?

It’s a podcast about Nature and wild animals (and sometimes humans and history, too), operating – for now, anyway – under the catchy tagline:

A Collection of Wonders, Curiosities and Occasionally Horrors from the Natural World.

Amazing stories about amazing animals. Now and again also about amazing people, or amazing science, or … well, honestly it’s about anything that takes my fancy. For each episode, the idea starts with an animal – one specific animal – and then I’ll just be following where my curiosity takes me. I reckon every animal on this planet has something, or several things, about it that are amazing, or wonderful, or just plain weird.

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