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What Is The Wild Episode And When’s It Coming?

It’s a podcast about Nature and wild animals (and sometimes humans and history, too), operating – for now, anyway – under the catchy tagline:

A Collection of Wonders, Curiosities and Occasionally Horrors from the Natural World.

Amazing stories about amazing animals. Now and again also about amazing people, or amazing science, or … well, honestly it’s about anything that takes my fancy. For each episode, the idea starts with an animal – one specific animal – and then I’ll just be following where my curiosity takes me. I reckon every animal on this planet has something, or several things, about it that are amazing, or wonderful, or just plain weird.

Read on for more …

Who am I? I’m Brian Ruckley. Mostly, in recent years, I’ve been a writer. Before that, though – and for a good bit longer than I’ve been a published writer – I studied, or worked in, fields to do with various flavours of zoology, environmental stuff, or nature conservation. I’m by no means a zoological expert, and certainly no academic … but I do know a certain amount about some of it, and I do have a love for all of it. So when I thought I’d try doing a podcast, this is what emerged.

And when does it start, this Wild Episode thing? Somewhere in the vicinity of 27th or 28th February – next Tuesday or Wednesday as I write this. That’s the plan at the moment, if I can get all the backend stuff that’s not yet figured out, figured out.

The first episode will be about a kind of animal I think everyone can agree is, if nothing else, interesting. Sharks. But, because this is The Wild Episode, it won’t be about the kind of shark that’s always hogging the limelight (I’m looking at you, Great White). No, something a bit weirder is in order for a podcast that’s looking for wonders and curiosities …

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